Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Contrarian Endorsement for the Salamander (Newt)

As an unapologetic Republican, I must admit as the November election looms, my trepidation grows. has Obama slowing gaining steam in the probability of his reelection prospects. Rasmussen Reports, probably the most accurate polling website, has Obama widening his lead on Republican front runners Gingrich and Romney in head to head contests. More troubling for the GOP hopefuls is the gradually improving, albeit very slow, economy. Since Obama was sworn in on January 20th, 2009, the Nasdaq has advanced from 1477 to this week's closing number of 2816. Almost a double. Give credit where it is due, warranted or not, but this did occur under his watch. However, unemployment still hovers near recent historical highs, (at which an incumbent was never reelected), and more importantly, the media is savoring a Romney nomination this fall. Is this not the man who four years ago could not even defeat John McCain, who in turn was beaten by Barack Obama?

Please do not misinterpret me. I think Mitt Romney would be a fine president. He looked as presidential as ever in the last debate. He is an entrepreneur who achieved the American dream on the heels of hard work and perseverance. I admire his success just as everyone in this fine nation should. But remember, I am here to introduce my contradictory opinion. Newt seems to me to be someone unrepentant in making the serious, bold, draconian changes this nation needs now more than ever. He favors a flat tax, social security and other entitlement reforms. Could it be in his golden years, he has drawn from his vast experience and PhD-level intelligence? Is he the perfect candidate? Of course not. Has he flip flopped? Which politician has not? Are his numerous marriages a detriment? Perhaps, but this is ancient news. Is it any worse than some of the company Obama surrounded himself with prior to being elected, like Ayers and Wright? Gingrich's poll numbers remained strong and elevated even after a shameful ABC interview with a former wife. This suggests that voters are looking past former indiscretions, and toward what the candidates will actually do to save this country. Politics, not as usual?

The objective of the left leaning media is to present the American public with a complimentary view of who Obama best matches up against. At the moment, this is obviously Mitt Romney. Unfortunately, many Republicans are joining the witch hunt bandwagon of Gingrich haters. Even my beloved Larry Kudlow was relentless, but well deserved, in Newt bashing concerning his anti-capitalist remarks. But Newt recanted those unconservative beliefs, yet Larry continues to hammer him day and night. Whomever appears on that ballot box for the Republican side this November, I will be supporting. Either Mitt or Newt would make a fine commander in chief. And in the spirit of writing in a contrarian fashion, should the journalistic outlets covering this fascinating campaign be careful what they do NOT wish for? What are they really afraid of? You may be witnessing the former speaker making new living arrangements next January on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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